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The best leaders, the best organisations, are always learning, adapting and evolving.

I offer experienced, dedicated support with your organisational development, ensuring you and your people are resourced to adapt and evolve through challenge and change.

I help individuals, teams and organisations adapt and evolve through challenge and change. Services include consultancy for support during transition, coaching for individuals and teams, and training proven to establish strong organisational cultures and relationships.

I have 20+ years' experience in organisational development, leadership and community building. My expertise is in advising and supporting leaders with culture and operational strategy in complex and changing times. I've built systems and processes from scratch in start ups and developed communities of practice and transformational global leadership programmes. I'm accredited as a Systemic Leadership Coach, and trained in facilitating Organisational Constellations - this has deeply influenced my approach, which focuses on unlocking energy and flow in people and organisations.


Consultancy, Coaching & Training 


Does your organisational culture help you and your teams to learn quickly, support each other and adapt to change? 


Operational strategy services will take a 360 degree view to ensure your organisation is set up to get you where you want to go. From your policies to your role descriptions, technology to meetings - embedding strategic learning and collaboration into your business' DNA gives a leading edge.


Dedicated space - 121, or as a team - for you to explore patterns and dynamics, zoom out from the detail and get a new perspective. 

As well as working on your immediate presenting challenges, my approach ensures you are equipped with invaluable tools and a new lens for navigating future change and ongoing complexity. 


In partnership with Space2think, A Coaching Approach to Leading and Learning - guides you to develop and integrate structured and cultural coaching within your leadership and organisation


Learning is participative and practical, providing opportunities for action and reflection. It involves 24 hours of face-to-face learning and is delivered through a blended approach.

Culture Support?

With mounting challenges locally and globally, the pressure for leaders and teams to be strategically driven, purpose-aligned and agile has never been greater.

However passionate we are about our purpose, as the pace of change increases, and hybrid working challenges our connections, it gets harder for us all to keep an eye on the big picture, to understand what we're seeing and what adjustments we might need to make to get where we want to go.


We get 'stuck in the weeds', missing opportunities to make strategic shifts. We see overworking become the norm, groups stuck in reactive mode, and really good people losing their mojo with startling regularity. It doesn't feel sustainable, and signs of burnout soon follow.


There must be a better way! 

Sometimes the solutions are available to us, but we can't see the wood for the trees. It may need a different perspective, drawing in a whole system, 360 degree approach to help us see what needs adjustment, resourcing or development. Early adjustments can help avoid later restructures, ensuring you retain talent and bring flow back to your organisation, or make the right next best strategic move in your career.

“Natasha is a superb coach and mentor. She really gets to the heart of things, moving you forward with every session."
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