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About me

What drives my approach

With a flair for creating the conditions for success, I have over 20 years of experience in management, leadership and in organisational development. I've supported and advised organisations as diverse as university departments, national charities and community groups, and developed a skill for listening and helping leaders to sense in to what the next best move might be for their organisations.


My approach is fundamentally about connection - if we are connected with our own purpose and what resources us, we'll be more ready to show up with integrity and energy for those we work with. If our organisations are designed and structured to connect with the purpose and mission of our work together, our teams are more likely to be successful. As the future calls for us to be acting collectively and amidst greater complexity, I offer expertise in designing roles, leadership and development activities and OD interventions that connect and that work in real, changing and ever-evolving workplaces. 

My Approach

"Natasha inspires you to inspire. Her style is encouraging, infectious and fun. One of those people you meet in life who you'll never ever forget."
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