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Training, Coaching & Consulting

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ILM Accredited Training:
A Coaching Approach to Leading and Learning

This programme guides you to develop and integrate structured and cultural coaching within your leadership.


 Learning is participative and practical, providing opportunities for learning through action and reflection. The programme involves 24 hours of face-to-face learning and is delivered through a blended approach.

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121 and Team Coaching:
A Systemic Approach

Dedicated space for you to explore patterns and dynamics, zoom out from the detail and get a new perspective. 

As well as working on your immediate presenting challenges, the systemic approach equips you with an invaluable tool and leadership lens for navigating ongoing complexity. 

Route Planning

Organisational Development & Culture Consulting

Does the way your organisation is structured help you to learn quickly and adapt to change? Does your culture reflect your values, your vision and your purpose?


Support in developing organisational culture will ensure your organisation is designed to thrive, with resilience and adaptability embedded into your business' DNA for a leading edge.

A Coaching Approach to Leading and Learning in Organisations

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In partnership with Space2Think, an ILM approved centre, this programme provides 24 guided learning hours (4 whole days or 1 whole day and 6 half days) to enable you to apply a coaching approach to leading and learning in your organisation.

Content includes:

  • Creating an environment for change

  • The behaviours, attitudes, beliefs and values of a coaching approach

  • The essence of a coaching approach

  • Non directive approaches

  • Listening and hearing

  • Building connection and rapport

  • Inquiring with and into

  • The power of silence

  • Opportunities for a coaching approach within organisations

  • Structures to support a coaching approach within organisations

  • Tools to support a coaching approach within organisations

  • Recording coaching interventions



For ILM accreditation, this programme requires some formal assessment, including 4 hours of using a coaching approach, a reflective diary (reflective interview) and a personal statement

121/Team Coaching:
Systemic Leadership


As increasing numbers of us experience symptoms of burnout, taking regular time away for strategic reflection is becoming more and more essential for leaders to maintain and progress our work in the world.

Systemic Leadership Coaching offers professionally curated space for leaders to reflect and develop, to raise awareness of our own perceptions, responses and internal systems, and to explore patterns in working relationships and dynamics. Taking a systemic approach allows us to zoom out from the detail and get a new leadership perspective. 

  • Clarify – look at what’s flowing and what’s stuck, in your life and work

  • Layout – map out your key systems, contexts and dynamics

  • Explore – review any insights from this ‘zoomed out’ perspective

  • Attune - test some shifts to move towards resolution

  • Resolve – capture what changes to your perspective can now be actioned


As well as working on your immediate presenting challenges/ opportunities - the systemic approach offers you an invaluable tool and leadership lens. Because it focuses on enabling flow, resourcing ourselves and others, on good health in our work and family systems, this lens can equip us with an ‘ecological mindset’ – helping us to establish healthy, sustainable and regenerative approaches to all the systems we belong to – work, family, and wider community.

Organisational Development & Culture Consulting

Route Planning

With 20+ years' experience in designing and developing organisational infrastructure and building cultures of collaboration and learning, combined with professional training as a systemic practitioner, I offer a range of Organisational Development and Culture Consultancy services:

  • Organisational Strategy 

  • Embedding Strategic Learning

  • Culture Audits & Development 

  • Support through organisational transitions and change

  • Leadership Development

  • People Strategy

  • Building a Regenerative Business

I also offer responsive organisational consultancy on a short-term basis, so if you know something needs help in your organisation, from diagnosis through to implementation, get in touch.

"The best leaders are continually learning. They see all experiences as a learning experience, but there is a catch. Unexamined experiences don’t produce the rich insights that come from reflection and analysis. If you want to become a better leader you need to study your own performance and become more conscious about the choices that you are making and how you are acting on your intentions."

Kouzes & Posner, 2003

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